Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Do you believe in Fate or not?

I begin with this question because before i never believe

I want to write my love story

But i have one love story

   Some people don't believe about True love online on Internet .Many people think never have True love on Internet .But now communicating through the Internet makes the world smaller people know each other more.

    Start my love story but I write English not good But I'll try to write it the best.Next time i will try to learn to write correct sentences .
   In 2007 I have known a website  is a website about finding foreign man. I have a registered  as member website .I register as a member Thailovelinks of nearly 2 years . During the past 2 years i spoke with many foreigner man But i still can not find the right guy.

first red rose with teddy paul send to me

   March 2009, I was talking with a men from England. A man from England told me his name is Paul .Paul told me he read profile me on TLL (TLL mean Thailovelinks)and interested me and he want to talk with me. But i think he is interested my pictures on TLL because i used my pictures that i think it's a very beautiful and sexy for foreign men see and interested my profile .

   Paul he is a Platinum member i was a Standard member. Platinum member can use video cam for talk .we spoke on the internet and also on skype  msn . Paul told me he want to meet me in a person after we spoke about 15day. He said ''until you meet someone face to face and spend time together you never know how things will work out between us''. i told paul i'm glad to hear and your wellcome to Thailand.
frist paul meet my family

Paul booked a flight and travelled to thailand on the 25th april and my friend wait paul at the Suwannaphom airport. first i met paul i knew in my heart that he was a very kind person he looking good nice man and he very happy to meet me.

   We then got a taxi and went back to my apartment when we arrived there my mum was there to meet paul and met all of my friends that nice and paul stayed with me and my mum in my apartment .   We all spent most of the night talking and just all getting to know each other even know we spoke on the internet it is never the same until you meet someone face to face my mum said paul is a very kind person and we just all talked most of the night it was really great to meet Paul.

   The next morning me and my mum take paul come to my hometown Kalasin by the Taxi. my family meet paul and them like paul . Me and paul spent 10 days there me took paul around to see  more of my friends and also the fields which my parents own.we had a great time together.
   Me and paul then both travelled back to bangkok to my apartment we spent the next week sight seeing around where me lives .

   Moments of happiness is often short always

   Paul come back England 10th of may 2009
  When paul back in england me and paul continued to talk on thai love links and also skype and by text messages.

lilly and paul

  I can tell i love paul and very miss paul

  I wait for Paul come back Thailand again . and Yes paul come back again in august 25th 2009 .i very very happy and paul said he want be with me on my birthday which is the 27th of august 2009. paul he is a very romantic person before he come thailand for meet me paul send flower and teddy bear to me. he send flower to me about 3 time before meet me.

my birthday cake

   On the 5th of september 2009 we booked in to a hotel in pattaya for 16 days we just spent time on the beach sight seeing paul try eating all different foods and just relaxing paul helped me learn to swim which was fun.

   Again Moments of happiness is often short always

   I had never met anyone like paul before .Paul is a very caring person and a very kind person and most of all he always makes me happy inside my heart.

  12of october 2009 paul come back England he said''It will break my heart to leave me but there is nothing i can do'' .
   Before paul come back he told me he want me travel to england for meet his family

with mother paul and niece

   After paul come back he send many doccument for me
 use for beg tourist Visa

   i wait visa about 4day .I think now i have visa for come England i never been england before and never fly i mean plane.

   paul take me to england meet his family
   and now me and paul have my Leo son

Thank you Fate


  1. Oh!!!love story. This story is true.Confirm ja

  2. 'he always makes me happy inside my heart.'

    wowwww... I like this,lovely story ja,,

  3. I am very happy to read your love story and felt great to hear that people like Paul exists in this world:) I find you very humble and inspiring! Thank you for sharing your lovely love story! You are luck lady indeed!

    god bless

    I am also lucky! coz I loved my BF and got married last year! well we are from the same country but different states, we have diff, native language and traditions.